Women’s Aid held a conference in July 2018, an event organised to bring together the people who work tirelessly to understand and be apart of the campaign for domestic violence against women.

Women’s Aid in Luton were lucky enough to attend this empowering event, with a number of inspirational speakers, and a great deal of workshops. The event was organised to allow various individuals engage with each other, discussing the life-changing impact of their incredible work, and continue to expand their knowledge on domestic violence towards women.

Our lucky staff at WAIL had the opportunity to listen to speeches and discussions from speakers and panellists, such as Zlakha Ahmed, Marai Larasi and co-chair of Women’s Aid, Femi Otitoju. There were many other great speakers attending the two-day event, discussing solutions to tackling domestic violence against women and how best to approach it, whilst simultaneously challenging oppressive attitudes towards women. As well as listening to these insightful speeches and panellists, Women’s Aid held workshops that are educational and help our staff to understand more, so Women’s Aid in Luton can help you.

Katie Ghose, CE of Women’s Aid
Women’s Aid Conference 2018