8 Mar 2021 – Women’s Aid in Luton launches emergency appeal on International Women’s Day

On 8th March – International Women’s Day – we are launching a new fundraiser to support women fleeing violence. Women and children near you are escaping domestic violence after the latest in a series of lockdowns that put their lives in danger. A house where a child is unsafe is not a home.

Will you help by donating £10 towards an emergency welcome pack for women and children? 

Or £20 to pay for essential items such as new bedding?

Emergency welcome packs contain essential items such as food, toiletries, nappies or sanitary products – whatever is appropriate to individual need.

Women and children who arrive at our refuge with nothing need immediate support. These emergency packs provide the first step towards an independent life free from violence. 

Staff at Women Aid in Luton have experienced a tough winter as women and children with increasingly complex issues and circumstances need urgent help.  Despite this overwhelming need, our funding is being cut by 40%, leaving women and children in Luton vulnerable without support.

Please help. 

➖£10 can help us provide an emergency pack of food, sanitary products and nappies to a woman and her child when they arrive at our safe accommodation.

*      £20 can help us provide essential items such as bedding for women and their children.