12 May 2021 – Women’s Aid in Luton staff receive award

A big congratulations to our staff team who have been awarded a certificate of recognition from Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership (BDAP) and the former High Sheriff of Bedfordshire for their hard work supporting women and children fleeing domestic abuse. We also congratulate our Refuge Support Officer Anne Marie who has been personally awarded for all the incredible work she does to support women affected by domestic abuse, and her passion, dedication and commitment.

Here are some of the amazing comments made in the team’s nominations:

  • The team at Women’s Aid in Luton do a fantastic job all the time supporting women and children, escaping domestic violence. They are all amazing individuals who care passionately about the work that they do which gives women, the practical and emotional support they need to build a new life free from abuse, whether that be physical or psychological. It’s not just a job for the team.
  • It has been a really challenging year for them, for a number of reasons. COVID meant a change to the way the team worked which they made happen quickly and safely so that they were still able to provide the accommodation, workshops and support needed to the growing number of women and children affected by domestic abuse during the pandemic.
  • They quickly embraced new ways of working, including ‘online workshops’ so that the service provided to their clients didn’t suffer. Many of the team have had COVID themselves and/or lost loved ones so it is a credit to them that they continue to give so much and what they do is so appreciated by the women and children using their services.

Here are some of the lovely comments made in support of Anne-Marie winning this award:

“I am thankful to Anne-Marie for her outstanding support in this difficult period. Thank you for keeping in touch and for making sure that we are safe and stable. Special thanks for all you do.”

“I have no doubt that these women and everyone she ever meets are aWomen’s Aid in Lutonys in great hands. I truly believe she deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication.”

“I am one of the women who faced domestic abuse last year. When the world suffered because of the pandemic and was stuck at home 24/7 the situation was horrible and no way to handle it. I got in touch with a lovely woman named Anne-Marie who encouraged me to talk and tell my story. She kept in touch with me even on the weekend and at night. She didn’t give up until she found a place in refuge for me.”

This past year has been incredibly difficult for our staff team who have faced numerous challenges. We are therefore delighted that their hard work has been acknowledged in this way, they truly deserve it.